It's Never Too Late to Find Help for Your Mental Health

Specialized psychotherapy for women & others in Webster Groves, MO and surrounding areas

Over the past 9+ years, I have gained vast experience and formal education in the realm of psychotherapy. You can put your trust in me to help you in your journey to recovery and better mental health. Learn more about how I can assist you in the following areas below.

Women's Issues

Women face plenty of issues related to their mental and emotional well-being. From postpartum depression to midlife issues, it is tough finding answers to these most troubling problems. Come and discuss what may be causing you pain and anxiety, and we can work together to help you find clarity.

Other Issues

Abuse, anxiety, trauma - it feels impossible to find clarity for these detrimental issues. Get the guidance you need for these mental hindrances. I will go over what may be best to help you through the issue, set goals to assist in your self-discovery and work with you over time to reach those goals.

You can trust me to take a personalized approach to assist you. While my specialty lies in person-centered and object-relation therapy, these approaches can be creatively adapted to suit your needs.

Your mental state is a fragile thing. Bad thoughts and emotions can continue to plague your perspective of yourself, of the world and of those you hold close. Take control of your life. Take the right steps to preserve and protect your mind by arranging an appointment with me.